Lens handler

from Opto Alignment

In addition to ROTOwand we offer a comprehensive handling system. Lens Handler features the hands-free automated rotation of optics. Easy cleaning of precision optics surfaces, different preparation techniques and the installation of optics and lenses are all simplified with one compact desktop system.

Automated rotation with variable speeds (40 - 200 rpm)
Compact desktop design (5.5 kg)
Handles lens diameters from 10 - 300 mm
Includes vacuum wand and Delrin vacuum cups
Cleanroom compatible
Lens handler specifications
Dimensions (H x W x D)12.7 cm x 24.5 cm x 15.8 cm
Weight5.5 kg
Air consumption1.46 cfm @ 87 psi
Maximum vacuum50.8 cm Hg @ 87 psi

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