High vacuum AFM using SSRM for failure analysis

NX-Hivac from Park Systems

Park NX-Hivac allows failure analysis engineers to improve the sensitivity of their measurements through high vacuum Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy (SSRM). Because high vacuum scanning offers greater accuracy, better repeatability, and less tip and sample damage than ambient or dry N2 conditions, users can measure a wide range of dope concentration and signal response in failure analysis applications.

Complete turnkey system using SSRM
Accurately measures wide range of doping concentrations
Reduced tip wear due to vacuum conditions
Automated pumping & venting & laser alignment

Innovative features for more efficient failure analysis

The Park NX-Hivac features many tools and automations that make it one of the easiest to use and most efficient AFMs for failure analysis applications.

Park Hivac Manager: NX-Hivac auto vacuum control software

High vacuum is controlled by Hivac Manger, pumping for the optimized vacuum condition and venting processes are logically and visually controlled by one-button clicking. Each process is visually monitored by color and schematic changes, you would not need to worry about the sequence of vacuum operation after click on a button. Faster and easier vacuum control software brings you ease of use AFM operation and better productivity.

Advanced automation features

The NX-Hivac features a range of tools that minimize the required input from the user. This means you can scan faster and increase your lab’s throughput.

StepScan Automation with Motorized stage

StepScan gives users the ability to program the device to image multiple regions quickly and easily. The NX-Hivac lets you scan a sample in just five steps: Scan, lift cantilever, move motorized stage to user defined coordinate, approach and repeat. This boosts productivity enormously and reduces required user input to the absolute minimum.

Failure Analysis of Semiconductors using Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy (SSRM)


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