Fully automated AFM solution for defect imaging and analysis

NX-Wafer from Park Systems

Park Systems offer the industry’s lowest noise, fully automated industrial AFM, the NX-Wafer.  The completely automated AFM system is designed for high resolution surface roughness, trench width, depth and angle measurements on 200 mm & 300 mm wafers with sub-nanometer precision in a 24/7 production environment. Our true non-contact mode enables non-destructive measurements even on soft structures such as photoresist trench surfaces.

Fully automated AFM solution for defect imaging and analysis that improves defect review productivity by up to 1,000 %
Low noise atomic force profiler for accurate, high throughput CMP profile measurements
Sub-angstrom surface roughness measured with extreme accuracy and minimized tip-to-tip variation
Automatic measurement control
Industry's lowest noise floor

The NX-Wafer offers a non-destructive, in-line imaging tool capable of providing high resolution, direct, and repeatable measurements on multiple locations without damaging the sample. The increased precision and ability to monitor line-width roughness will lead allow process engineers to produce devices with higher performance, at a significantly lower cost than FIB/SEM.

Automatic defect review for bare wafers and substrates
Automatic transfer and alignment of defect maps with enhanced vision
High-throughput wafer-fab inspection and analysis
Sub-angstrom surface roughness control
Chemical mechanical polishing characterization
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