Automated industrial AFM for high-resolution 3D metrology

XE-3DM from Park Systems

The revolutionary XE-3DM is a completely automated AFM system designed for overhang profiles, high-resolution sidewall imaging, and critical angle measurements. With the patented decoupled XY and Z scanning system with tilted Z-scanner, it overcomes the challenges of the normal and flare tip methods in accurate sidewall analysis. In utilizing our true non-contact mode, the XE-3DM enables non-destructive measurement of soft photoresist surfaces with high aspect ratio tips.

Tilted Z-scan system
Fully automated pattern recognition
Automatic measurement control
Industry’s lowest noise floor

Accuracy like never before
Shrinking form factors are driving the need to design at the nanoscale level in the semiconductor markets, but traditional metrology tools have lacked the accuracy needed for nanoscale design and manufacturing. Park Systems has met this challenge in industrial metrology with enabling breakthroughs.
• Crosstalk elimination (XE) enables artifact-free and non-destructive imaging
• New 3D AFM enables high resolution imaging of sidewall or undercut features.

Throughput like never before

AFMs that have enabled nanoscale design have traditionally not been fast enough for use in production quality control. That has changed with Park Systems' revolutionary gains in throughput, enabling AFMs for use in automatic in-line manufacturing. These include automatic tip exchange where our novel magnetic approach has a 99% success rate, higher than traditional vacuum techniques. Also, full access to raw data and a true partnership with customers are required for any process and
throughput optimization.

Cost-effectiveness like never before

Accuracy and throughput in nanometrology must be delivered in a cost-effective solution to move successfully from research to inline manufacturing. Park Systems has met this cost challenge with industrial AFM solutions that address the need for faster, efficient automation and longer tip life. We cut costs by replacing slower and expensive SEM with efficient, automatic and affordable 3D AFM for industrial in-line manufacturing. To pinpoint defects in new designs, manufacturers today need 3D information to characterize trench profiles and sidewall feature variation. The modular AFM platform allows rapid software and hardware changes, enabling cost-effective upgrades and better optimization for the most complex and demanding measurements in production quality control. Also, we lower the cost of ownership with an AFM tip life that is at least 200% longer. The tapping forces of conventional AFMs cause faster tip wear, but our true non-contact mode AFMs maintain tip quality.

CD measurements of undercut and overhang

XE-3DM’s Z-head tilting mechanism allows an unique access to the undercut and overhand structures of photoresist.

High-resolution sidewall roughness

XE-3DM’s Z-head tilting mechanism allows access to the sidewalls using an ultra sharp tip to obtain high resolution and details of the sidewall roughness.

CD measurements of photoresist trench

Unique true non-contact mode enables nondestructive in-line measurement of etch features as small as 45nm.

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