AFM for automatic defect review and surface roughness measurement

NX-HDM from Park Systems

The task of identifying nanoscale defects is a very time consuming process for engineers working with media and flat substrates. Park NX-HDM is an atomic force microscopy system that speeds up the defect review process by an order of magnitude through automated defect identification, scanning and analysis. Park NX-HDM links directly with a wide range of optical inspection tools, thus significantly increasing the automatic defect review throughput. In addition, Park NX-HDM provides accurate sub-angstrom surface roughness measurements, scan after scan.

Industry leading low noise Z detector
Low noise XYZ position sensors for more accurate scans
Minimal thermal drift and hysteresis reduces tip drift
Auto, semi-auto, and manual mode so you have complete contro
Editable measurement method for each automated routine
Higher throughput, automatic defect review

The automatic defect review (Park ADR) in the NX-HDM speeds up and improves the way defects in substrates and media are identified, scanned, and analyzed. Using the defect location map provided from an optical inspection tool, Park ADR automatically goes to each of those locations, and images the defects in two steps:
(1) image a larger, survey scan to refine the defect location
(2) then image a smaller zoom-in scan to obtain the details of the defect. Test runs with real defects demonstrate a 10x increase in throughput for defect review in an automated process compared to conventional methods.

Sub-angstrom, surface roughness measurement

Increasingly, industries require ultra-flat media and substrate to address the ever-shrinking device dimensions. Park NX-HDM provides accurate sub-angstrom surface roughness measurements, scan after scan. Park NX-HDM, together with its industry’s lowest noise floor, and its unique true non-contact technology, it is the most accurate AFM for surface roughness measurement in the market.

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