Quantum efficiency measurement station

SpeQuest from ReRa Systems

Apart from IV curves, the most important measurement on solar cells is that of the quantum efficiency resp. quantum yield. Our SpeQuest system is suited for all types of cells. Based on our monochromatic light sources and depending on the application, it can be equipped with a halogen lamp or with an additional xenon light source for measurements in the UV range. Thanks to its modular design, SpeQuest can easily be fitted to customer-specific applications.

Complete turnkey solution for spectral characterization
Modular setup for maximum flexibility
All types of solar cells, thin films and 3rd generation
Spectral range 280–1800 nm
Variable bias light

The modular design is supported by the following options: monochromators with different focal lengths, two-channel lock-in amplifiers, connection options for a variety of cell types, a motorized xy-stage for mapping applications, a multi-color bias light for measurements on multi-layer solar cells incl. power adaptor for reverse voltage, an IQE option to determine the internal quantum efficiency and reference detectors for the range of 250 nm – 1800 nm.


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