3D Holographic Microscope

HT-1 from Tomocube

HT-1 is a groundbreaking new high-speed, best in class microscope designed to let researchers view live cells using holographic microtomography technology. One of the world’s first microscopes of its kind, the TomoCell HT-1 delivers non-invasive, real-time quantitative data with the highest resolution on the market today.

No labelling or staining required
Super resolution: XY 110 nm, Z 356 nm
Fast imaging: 150 fps (2D) 2.5 fps (3D)
Non-invasive live cell – image for 72 hours

Label-free holographic high resolution imaging for cell biology

Quantitative label-free high resolution live imaging is an exciting new technology that negates the need for using fluorescent markers in your sample. Using refractive index to segment desired objects in your cell, you can rapidly acquire morphological, chemical and mechanical data in 3D.



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