TEM orientation imaging

ASTAR from Nanomegas

ASTAR can turn any transmission electron microscope (TEM) into a very powerful analytical tool enabling orientation–phase imaging at 1 nm resolution attainable (field-emission gun TEM) in combination with other TEM analytical techniques.
The device uses TEM based orientation mapping technique (electron backscatter diffraction -TEM like) based on collection of precession electron diffraction (PED) patterns and cross-correlation comparison with simulated intensities.

Works with any TEM 120-200-300 KV (LaB6/FEG)
Orientation-phase map 1 nm resolution attainable with TEM-FEG
Works in combination with precession diffraction device DigiSTAR for ultra-precise orientation/phase maps
ASTAR works with any type of diffracting material (inorganic, organic) using standard TEM specimen preparation techniques
Retrofit between multiple TEMs in same lab


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