Digital STEM and TEM imaging

DigiStar from Nanomegas

DigiSTAR-precession electron diffraction (PED) device enables the collection of quasi-kinematical intensities (X-Ray like) in any transmission electron microscope (TEM).  PED in combination with powerful software (3D difffraction tomography) enables the  reconstruction of the reciprocal cell of any nanomaterial and the automatic measurement of the reflection intensities. In this way you can use your TEM as a powerful tool to solve any nanocrystal structure with performance comparable to the most advanced Synchrotron beamlines.

Works with any TEM with 120-200-300 kV LaB6/W or FEG filament
Diffraction data collection with any CCD camera (35mm port or on axis) 1k x 1k or higher
Diffraction data collection with single tilt holder /tomography holder or cryoholder (for beam sensitive samples)
Minimum tilt (for cell parameters determination) -15°/+ 15° 1°step. Recommended tilt (for crystal structure determination)-45°/+45° 1° step
Reconstruction of reciprocal space by collected PED patterns


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