PPMS-DynaCool user workshop 2017

Amiens University, France

The workshop is dedicated to actual PPMS and DynaCool users as well as future users. Provided topics will basic system operation and the measurement options grouped into thermal, magnetics, and electric. Besides will be handled customization of options and integration of user experiments in the PPMS and DynaCool.

The workshop will take about 1,5 days and is free of charge. However since the capacity is limited we kindly ask for registration (first come – first serve basis).

We look forward to seeing you


13. June
09:15WelcomeNicolas Tcherbak, LOT-QuantumDesign France
09:30VSM option IStefan Riesner, LOT-QuantumDesign
10:15Laboratory (VSM related)Stefan Riesner, LOT-QuantumDesign
10:30Coffee break
10:45VSM option IIOleg Ignatchik, LOT-QuantumDesign
11:30Overview PPMS systems familyStefan Riesner, LOT-QuantumDesign
12:00Lunch break
12:45Heat CapacityOleg Ignatchik, LOT-QuantumDesign
14:00Coffee break
14:45New options for PPMS/DynaCoolStefan Riesner, LOT-QuantumDesign
15:15ACMS/ACMS-IIOleg Ignatchik, LOT-QuantumDesign
16:00Questions & answers
16:30End of day 1
14. June
09:15Electric measurements ETO, DCStefan Riesner, LOT-QuantumDesign
10:15Coffee break
10:30Laboratory (maintenance related)Oleg Ignatchik, LOT-QuantumDesign
11:15General troubleshooting: Tools & ideasStefan Riesner, LOT-QuantumDesign
12:00Lunch break
12:30Thermal transport TTOOleg Ignatchik, LOT-QuantumDesign
14:00Questions & answers
14:30End of day 2

Registration PPMS-DynaCool user workshop 2017 France

Participation is free of charge.

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