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Cameras and detectors for time-resolved spectroscopy and imaging have an image intensifier in front of the sensor. The image intensifier acts as an ultra-fast optical shutter for exposure times of a few nanoseconds. Because of the image intensifier’s high gain, extremely faint signals down to single photons can be detected.

The intensified CCD (Charge Coupled Device) und sCMOS (scientific Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) cameras of the iStar series from Andor Technology are characterized by scientific grade CCD and sCMOS sensors, fast gate electronics, and high-quality image intensifier.

The iStar 320 and 340 detectors have rectangular CCD sensors (1024 x 255 x 26 µm and 2048 x 512 x 13.5 µm pixels, respectively). They are mainly used for spectroscopy. The iStar 312 and 334 as well as the iStar sCMOS have square sensors (512 x 512 x 24 µm, 1024 x 1024 x 13 µm, and 2560 x 2160 x 6,5 µm pixels, respectively). They are designed for imaging. However, the iStar 334 is also often employed for spectroscopy applications.


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